How to Ship Your Items

After you've received the payment, you can ship the item. Use the address that is on the eBay account for the buyer. Sometimes a buyer may want you to send it some place else. Don't do it. If something happened to that package, you would be held liable because you didn't send it to the address that was on the buyer's profile.


Pack the item correctly. If you are selling glass, dishes or coffee mugs, make sure that you package the item well. You should have bubble wrap or packing peanuts. The worst thing that can happen is your item arriving to the buyer in pieces. It's not fun refunding money when you should not have needed to.

Shipping Options

There are three shipping options on eBay.

Flat-Fee Shipping

Everyone is charged the same amount for shipping. It doesn't matter if they live in Arizona or New York. They will be charged the same thing.

Calculated shipping

The shipping costs are determined based on the items size and weight. It is also calculated by the location of both the buyer and seller.

Free Shipping

You don't charge any shipping on your items. This option is very trendy. A lot of buyers search for items with free shipping.

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